Monday, April 29, 2019

The Book of Comforts Genuine Encouragement for Hard Times By Kaitlin Wernet, Rebecca Faires, Cymone Wilder, Caleb Faires

The Book of ComfortsGenuine Encouragement for Hard Times

By Kaitlin Wernet, Rebecca Faires, Cymone Wilder, Caleb Faires is  a brand new gift book filled with short devotional anecdotes, scripture verses, scripture art and serene photos.  This beautiful book, with its sturdy embossed hardcover and matte pages, would make the perfect gift for anyone one grieving a loss of a loved one or anyone going through a difficult period of time.  Each short passage is easy accessible to the grieving reader whose attention span may be limited due to the effects of stress and grief.  The retro designed cover, with its dark navy blue and gold accents are serene and calming..The devotionals are relevant and applicable to a wide variety of readers: men, women of variable ages and socio-economic backgrounds.  The devotionals are neutral enough so as not to alienate or offend any particular group of readers.  I found this devotional to be unique in that it was not repetitive in its format.  The mixture of biblical scripture, scripture graphics, devotionals, anecdotes and a few scattered photographs, added visual appeal to this book, to keep the reader engaged throughout.  The book is divided in several sections or categories.  It maye be read cover to cover, or the reader may go directly to the section that most directly applies to his or her particular need.  As a blogger for Booklook I received a copy of this book published by Zondervan for the purpose of writing this review. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

NIV, Starting Place Study Bible, Hardcover, Comfort Print An Introductory Exploration of Studying God's Word By Zondervan Bibles

NIV, Starting Place Study Bible, Hardcover, Comfort PrintAn Introductory Exploration of Studying God's Word

By Zondervan Bibles is a brand new hybrid study bible featuring the NIV version with study notes and features to guide bible students and believers at all levels of their faith.

This retro themed bible features two tones styled graphics in bold, bright yellow-lemon and blue throughout.  Featured are articles about archeology, culture as well as bible application principles at how God's word can apply to how the reader can live out the word of God.  There are articles that answer  basic questions about the bible and about advanced theological and philosophical questions as well. The bible is not just an abstract concept, but rather can be applied to everyday life.  The study notes on the bottom, that elaborate on selected verses are easy to understand, relevant and applicable to everyday life.  The articles within the text, are well rounded and cover a wide variety of topics to appeal to all readers and are not limited to specific narrow topics.  The versatility of topics makes this bible a perfect choice for long term use- a bible that the reader will not quickly outgrow.

This bible features a hardcover with a durable binding and removable jacket cover.  The binding lays flat and will hold up to years of use.  The binding looks sturdy and well made.    The comfort print is modern and the comfort print text of the bible is in bold font and stand out from the text of the articles which is printed in a standard type of font.  This gives some of the page spreads of some of the bible pages more of a magazine type of appearance due to the different font styles and graphics featured.  For those who prefer a more traditional type of font, the comfort print font, might seem unfamiliar and too modern for a bible.  As a blogger for Booklook I received a copy of this bible for the purpose of writing this review.

Monday, April 1, 2019

NIV Maxwell Leadership Bible by Maxwell

NIV, Maxwell Leadership Bible, 3rd Edition, Premium Bonded Leather, Burgundy, Comfort Print 

The NIV Maxwell leadership bible is a new edition of the well known bible for leaders.  This beautifully bound bible is perfect for years of study.  It includes the full NIV text as well as a number of inspirational and informative articles for leaders or for anyone looking for spiritual direction.  

Two tone interior graphics are modern; yet maintain a traditional, retro-like overall appearance. 

Threaded throughout the text is the theme of leadership, such as the "21 Laws of leadership" and the "21 Qualities of Leadership".  Simply put, these are effective strategies for anyone when interacting with others whether in the workplace, social networking, at home or anywhere in the community.  Basically it is practical advice based on biblical principles.  These articles are scattered throughout as side bars, paragraphs and even full sized articles.  They can be read independently or as you are reading the bible text.  

In a way this bible can serve as a course on leadership, if you choose to focus on the articles.  The leadership articles, nevertheless are not exclusive to traditional leadership as they can apply to parenting as well or even assertiveness training or sales.  

This bible features the modern typefont known as the comfort print.  This differs from the traditional bible font that many readers may be familiar with.  The font is easy to read, and easy on the eye.  Personally I prefer a larger sized more traditional font.  This would be the only feature of the bible that I did not favor personally.  It would have been good to include a concordance in the back, which is not included in this bible either.  Other than that, I found this bible to be an ideal choice all around. As a blogger I received a copy of this book from Booklook for the purpose of writing this review.