Thursday, June 16, 2016

Punderdome by By daughter-father duo Jo and Fred Firestone, creators of Punderdome 3000!

Punderdome is a new compact card game by By daughter-father duo Jo and Fred Firestone, creators of Punderdome 3000! This little box features everything you need to have a fun get together with a friend or group of friends.  Even if you never heard of Punderdome- which is a game show on TV, anyone who enjoys jokes, riddles, charades or puns will enjoy this game. The beautifully designed package makes this boxed game a perfect housewarming gift or host gift for a party.  Everything you need to play the game is included in a compact, sleek package.

Although not specifically related to the game, it is worth noting that this game is made with attention to detail, using high quality materials that will last with years of use.  Unlike other mass produced board games on the market, attention to detail and quality was put into producing this game.  Although one might take the quality of a board game for granted, if you have recently purchased mass produced board games, as I did when I purchased a new monopoly set last year-  you will see many card games and board games at big box retailers have a thin flimsy quality.  The cards are thin and easily fold.  Even the game board and the box contents are cheaply made and easily torn.

This unique game is worth a try for anyone who enjoys solving jokes, riddles and puns.  The quality of this game will stand up to the scrutiny of the most strict of game enthusiasts. Unlike other newer mass produced games, the cards and the container of this game will stand up to years of wear and tear. The game comes with 200 game cards, small note pads for writing and instructions. This is certain to be a party favorite as well as a good choice for a wholesome family game night. As a blogger I received a copy of this game made by Clarkson Potter of New York, part of the Crown publishing group.

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