Tuesday, December 10, 2013

There Are No Space Aliens! by David J Gonzalez

The definitive title, of the book There Are No Space Aliens! by David J Gonzalez, leaves no doubt as to the author's position in regards to possible life in outer space.  This timely book addresses the biblical objections to the theories of alien life that so many are readily willing to place their faith.  In this day and age, media and movies are inundated with alien themes.  The science fiction movies and television series of today, present the audience with plausible sounding theories of alien life forms. Ironically, often those who reject the notion of God's existence are more than willing to place their faith in the existence of alien life.  Nevertheless, this book isn't written just in response to religious skeptics and atheists,  but  for the ever growing number of religious people who also believe in the possibility of alien life as well. 

Using the bible as a springboard, Gonzalez refutes the erroneous ideas and theories about alien life.  First and foremost, I believe the strongest argument against the idea of alien life- is simply the fact that the bible does not mention other worlds and other life forms.  And an overlooked argument, based on common sense- is the fact that there would be no provision for an alien on another world to receive Jesus as its savior.  Scripture plain and simple, as well as common sense dictate that aliens could not exist.  Its amazing how many adults reject common sense and logic. Even Christians do not realize how a belief in aliens strips down and erodes the validity of scripture as it is direct opposition to revealed revelation from God.  Nevertheless the author goes in deeper, exploring the theological implications and contradictions that would exist if in fact there were alien worlds and alien life forms. The author organizes the book by 12 main biblical points that disprove the existence of space aliens. Each point is its own chapter.  The author breaks up the text into short, bite sized paragraphs which will help to keep the reader's attention and focus, in contrast to longer monotonous sized chunks of text.  This book explores the depths of theology, Christian scholarship and logic, and relates how the basic tenants of Christian faith and theology are inconsistent with a belief in alien life forms. This book makes a valuable apologetic tool for any parent who finds himself faced with answering a question about aliens, or student who is faced with peers who assume the possibility of alien life is simply an extension of common sense. 

This book is the second edition, from the original edition printed in 2003.  I received a copy for the purpose of writing this review.

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