Monday, March 11, 2013

The Interrogator's Notebook by Martin Ott

The Interrogator's Notebook by Martin Ott is a new detective novel featuring an interrogator who must find a killer.  What makes this story unique is that instead of the typical detective hero, the sleuth is an interrogator/ teacher which offeres a new perspective in the crime novel genre.  What makes this piece of fiction even more intriguing is that the author Martin Ott is himself a former U.S. Army interrogator.  He draws on his real life experience in writing this detective novel- adding to its authenticity.  In fact it is established early on in the novel that this work is based on his personal experience as an interrogator.  On page 10 the main character, Norman- the interrogator makes a reference that if he were to write a memoir that it would have to be disguised as fiction.  Most likely this work is based on Ott's military experience as well.
Ott's writing is poetic as well as indepth.  Each chapter opens up with a personal entry from Norman's point of view as if from his own journal.  The reader can get a glimpse into the mind of an interrogator.  It is as if the psycholgy of the interrogator's mind is there right in the open to read,  The notebook is likened to a confessional where private secrets are shared; remorse is expressed. In contrast to many fiction novels, Ott creates indeph characters with well developed personalities- as if the characters are based on himself as well as his friends and associates. Norman often reflects on previous cases.  I wonder how much is based on Ott's own real life experiences. This gives the main character a new level of depth. The reader will find himself trying to gleen what he thinks may be authentic infomation on actual events. Some of the information presented in the context of Norman's classroom is educational in introducing the reader to introductory interrogation concepts. Its almost as if it could be a training manuel that some readers may find themselves wanting to learn more military "secrets".
Well developed characters, lively dialog, psychoanalysis and the insertion of authentic interrogator trade secrets keep the reader engaged until the end of the story rather then skipping to the end. As a blogger I received this book published by Story Merchant books for the purpose of writing this review.

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