Saturday, January 7, 2012

101 Bible Adventures by Carolyn Larsen

101 Bible Adventures- The Ultimate Quest for Truth featuring the New Living Translation, by Carolyn Larsen is a new book of bible stories made just for children.  In contrast to traditional bibles, each bible story featured has its own illustrated cartoon similar to the style of the cartoons one might see in the cartoon pages of the Sunday newspaper. Additionally, helpful side bars of information are also included.   The cartoons each have a clever caption that might be better appreciated by older children.  For example in the story "A Test for Abraham", the cartoon depicts a very worried looking son- dripping with beads of sweat- Isaiah, tied to a log with an equally concerned Abraham. The bottom caption states, "That was just a little too close". 

Each story has a brief summary section titles "What's up", as well as the corresponding bible passage reference.  A key verse, featuring the New Living Translation is featured next to a key icon.  The "now What?" side bar explains the significance and meaning of the particular story.  The two-tone pages and bold grapohics make the text easy for school aged readers to read as well. 

101 stories taken from the Old and New testaments of the bible are featured in chronological order.  The stories are short and simple to hold the attention of a young reader.  As a blogger for Tyndale, I recieved this book published by Tyndale Kids publishers for the purpose of writing this review.  I believe this book makes a great alternative to the traditional children's bible and is perfect for school aged readers.

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