Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Lucado Inspirational Reader by Max Lucado

The Lucado Inspirational Reader by Max Lucado is the newest compilation of the "best" of Lucado's writings. Almost all of Lucado's works are inspirational and worthy of re-reading (with the exception of the book, "Cure for the Common Life).   Earlier this year, the pocket sized "Live Loved", devotional was published- consisting of passages from Lucado's previous works. This is a similar book, but larger sized, and it is not formated in a daily devotional.  Nevertheless, it was filled with inspirational; passages from Lucado's library of previously published titles. It is obviously hard to carry around an entire collection of Lucado's works, but this book takes selected exerpts from many of his popular titles.  Although none of the material in this book is new, much of what Lucado writes can be re-read- especially in times of great spiritual need.  I havee found that when I read Lucado's writings, I will find many noteworthy and inspiration ideas and passages- which I do mark so that I can return to at a later time.  The only downside to this compilation is that the author- or publisher's oipinion of his greatest or most notable passages may differ from the opinion of the reader.  Perhaps the devil's advocate may believe that the publication of this book is simply another attempt to make even more money on previously published books, while putting in minimal effort.  While this may be true, in part, this book is worth reading for those familiar with Lucado's books as well as for those readers new to his works.  As a blogger for booksneeze I received this book for the purpose of writing this review.  The opinions expresssed in this review are my own.


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