Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tandem by Tracey Bateman

In her dream, on the final page of Tracey Bateman's mystery- suspense novel Tandem, the heroine, Lauryn is falling- there is excitement, fear and uncertainty all at the same time, yet she is not alone, as there is someone, the embodiment of perfection, who completely fulfills every need whose "arms are strong, His experience vast and we're falling... tandem." page 312. Perhaps the reader can fill in the blank of who or what can fulfill her own desire for happiness and fullfillment: a boyfriend, husband, wealth, fame, career, car, clothes, or expensive jewelry. Lonliness and solitude can not fulfill the human need for companionship.  There is a void that can only be fulfilled by God himself, regardless how hard society tries to fill it with other things and/or relationships. 
This complicated story weaves together a diverse assortment of stereotypical characters and unique sub- plots which are certain to appeal to many modern readers: Lauryn, the self righteous and lonely marytr who forsakes her own needs to take care of her sick and aging father- stubbornly refusing to put him in a nursing home, the wealthy and proper immortal woman of society, Amede, and her servile and needy human minions- Roma and Juliette who fascilitate her survivial in the mortal world as well as Lauryn's former lover(s) from her youth.  This book will appeal to the secular as well as spiritual reader.  The popular elements of a mystery and the timely themes of vampires and imortality are unique and unexpected. The religious/ spiritual theme is subtle and does not overwhelm the theme of the book.  Nevertheless by modern literacy standards, this is a wholesome book which will not offend the purity of any reader. In the end, the heroine comes to the conclusion that only God can completely fill the void in life and through God alone can one obtain happiness and peace even in the stresses and hardships of life.  As a blogger for Water Brook Press publishers I recieved this book for the purposes of writing a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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